Pro-Choice Swag

Yes, while Ireland repealed the 8th amendment in 2018 - abortion care is still quite lacking here in Ireland. The 3-day waiting period; the limitations on access due to how few Irish GPs and maternity hospitals offer abortion care; and how rigid the legality of abortion is are just some of the barriers right now (read about a more detailed list here and here. Hundreds of pregnant people are still being forced to travel for abortion - some for hours within Ireland, some abroad.

Not to mention, the international fight for reproductive rights has had some terrible challenges right now - from Poland outlawing abortion and working on a pregnant person registrary, the overturning of Roe v Wade in the United States, the lack of abortion services being implemented in Northern Ireland (despite abortion being decriminalized since 2019 there!), the banning of abortion pills in Brazil, the near-total abortion ban in Malta - and many many more.

You may also notice that most of these items are queer & trans-specific, as that's our personal experience. As a queer non-binary person with a uterus, it can be so alienating to see how cisnormative the reproductive rights conversations are. Even some of the best advocates and activists so often leave us behind - with their cisnormative chants, placards that make flippant generalizations about the sexuality & gender of service-users, and the complete erasure of trans men, non-binary people with uteruses, and intersex people with uteruses. We're here to carve out a space for the queer and trans people that (some) cis women seem far too comfortable with leaving behind.

Proceeds from all our pro-choice products sold will be donated to the Abortion Support Network and National Network Of Abortion Funds, from July 2022 onwards. Get yourself some fabulous pro-choice products - so each sale will support a queer artist AND contribute to a great cause.