About Us

West Queer Art Logo

West Queer Art was founded in 2020. 

The current main creator is Shar, a non-binary artist living in Galway, Ireland. While they were always interested in art and being creative, they didn't always had the capacity and confidence to create pieces to share with the world.

Through their journey of navigating chaotic pandemic times, chronic health troubles, and the general woes of the 2020s; West Queer Art was formed as a sanctuary for their creativity and expression.

If this platform continues to succeed, Shar hopes it can be shared with other local queer artists who may be struggling to get their work out there throughout our new world -combining their online skills and uplifting fellow creators! Watch this space!

For further queries, please don't hesitate to reach out via the Contact Us page, or via any of the listed social media channels.