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West Queer Art

Glitter Badges - Assorted designs

Glitter Badges - Assorted designs

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Each design starts as a sticker, then we add that to custom glitter paper, and then turn it into a badge for you to wear! The colour may vary from the picture, but they will all be sparkly AF, guaranteed.

Designs available: 

PRO-CHOICE BABE - Because all babes are pro-choice? Not pro-choice? Must not be a babe so.

ALWAYS IN PAIN - Too relatable, and may be useful as a reminder for others.


I DO NOT DREAM OF LABOUR - Dreaming of labour? In this economy? Wouldn't be for me. Let me make my badges in peace, and help build a world where we need that.

These badges are 3.8cm in diameter and are printed & assembled in-house by West Queer Art.


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