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West Queer Art

Transphobe sticker

Transphobe sticker

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This one may seem like a surprising design in this shop because I can hear y'all thinking "who would buy a sticker calling themselves a transphobe, WQA??", but let me explain.

These are specifically designed as cover-ups for those black with white text, dogwhistle-inspired "adult human female" stickers that the UK TERF turds are all so fond of using. If you spot one of those wretched stickers in the wild, make sure you take them down. Bonus points if you replace them with trans-positive stickers, like our Trans Solidarity Sticker Packs.

The sticker is about 7cm long & printed in-house by West Queer Art. They're weather-resistant (but not completely waterproof), so best used indoors.

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