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West Queer Art

Protect Trans Youth sticker

Protect Trans Youth sticker

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Protect trans youth, on a ribbon banner draped around a floral background.

Why? Well, like all of us in the LGBTQ+ community - we stand on the shoulders of those who fought for us to have the rights we have, and we work to make sure those who come after us have a safer time being themselves.

Here are also some resources on the impacts of supporting trans youth, and resources where you can find more information in case you are a young person questioning your gender, or have a young person in your life who may be trans.

Care for Trans Youth in Ireland Reaches Breaking Point - Gender GP

Gender-Affirming Care Linked To Less Depression, Lower Suicide Risk For Trans Youth - Forbes

Family Acceptance Saves Lives - Human Rights Campaign

Supporting trans children and young people - Stonewall

How To Support Transgender Youth in Your Life - Family Equality

GenderEd - Support Services

BelongTo -LGBTQ+ Youth Services Ireland

Sticker 7cm in diameter. Printed in-house by West Queer Art. Weather-resistant (but not completely waterproof), best used indoors.

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