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Palestine Solidarity Sticker

Palestine Solidarity Sticker

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Love and solidarity with the people of Palestine, who are facing increased violence in the face of rising conflicts between Israel & Palestine.

No matter where you are in the world, you can show your support in small ways like:

  • Sharing Palestinian solidarity resources across your social media
  • Donating to causes in Palestine
  • Signing relevant petitions
  • Boycotting Israeli goods
  • Chatting to your friends and family about the ongoing conflict, to continue to grow international solidarity.

Following the recent success of my trans solidarity sticker project, I'm keeping the same idea in mind and having this Palestine solidarity sticker available.

Consider adding this listing to your checkout as a small way to both show your support, and so you can have these stickers across your possessions, your home, or even in public spaces. 

For folks with any questions or queries about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine, I've added some resources below:

Decolonize Palestine

Free Palestine Carrd

Help Palestine Carrd

BDS Movement

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Twitter thread from @AgentPaloma -
"Small ways that I have learned to support Palestine throughout the years"

Twitter thread from @mrs1cyh0t -
"a thread abt Palestine and ways to help!"



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