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West Queer Art

MCR badges

MCR badges

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To celebrate the MCR reunion tour FINALLY starting, I made some MCR-inspired badges, especially for the fruitier side of the fanbase. Each design starts as a sticker, then we add that to custom glitter paper (colour may vary from picture, but will be sparkly AF), and then turn it into a badge for you to wear!

What are the designs available?

- ELDER EMO - For those of us who have been rocking to MCR since the 00's. (fun fact, did you know MCR's debut album was released TWENTY YEARS AGO?) 

- MCR MADE ME GAY - There is no heterosexual explanation for why this band has such queer energy.

- MCR MADE ME TRANS - There is no cisgender explanation for why so many trans folks are obsessed with this band.

Which one is your fave??

These badges are 3.8cm in diameter and are printed & assembled in-house by West Queer Art. 

PS. If you are a member of My Chemical Romance and want a badge, feel free to get in touch and I can hook you up with some xx

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