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Less Tans More Trans Print

Less Tans More Trans Print

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Less Tans, More Trans ✊

British transphobes have no place impersonating Irish LGBTQ+ activists by their weak attempts to try and create an Irish branch of their “LGB Alliance” hate group.

For those not quite acquainted with Irish History, let's give a quick refresh on “Tans”. It’s a slang term for English people that dates back to the Irish War of Independence. The British soldiers sent to keep British rule in Ireland at the time were known as the Black and Tans. From this, "tans" has hung on as a slang term for English people - and British transphobes pretending to be Irish LGBTQIA+ community members to try and incite hate and exclusion within our community feels like a very fair use of the term.

These prints are available on a purple background with pink, blue and white roses (trans flag colours), or on a blue background with white, black, yellow, and purple roses (non-binary flag colours).

They are printed on a 250gsm card, and are 20cm squared

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