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West Queer Art

EARRING CUSTOMISATION - Lever Clasp and Clip Ons

EARRING CUSTOMISATION - Lever Clasp and Clip Ons

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We aim to make our earrings as accessible as possible, no matter your need! 

Lever Clasp Earring Hook - These specialised earring hooks that form a closed clasp when worn that can help prevent earrings from falling out. They also work great for those with stretched ears, giving you so much more freedom on what earrings you can wear.

Clip on Earrings - Don't have pierced ears? Never fear, you can always swop out the default studs or hooks with clip one so you can still enjoy our fabulous earring designs!

Just add your chosen variant to your cart for every pair of earrings you'd like amended from our sterling silver hooks & studs!

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