Hand-painted Pronoun Badges
Hand-painted Pronoun Badges
Hand-painted Pronoun Badges

Hand-painted Pronoun Badges

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Check out the newest and cutest pronoun badges on the block.

These are hand-painted and come in a huge range of colours, pronoun variants (including as Gaeilge!) and help us with our low waste commitments by allowing us to use our scraps of custom clay colours we've mixed for other products. 

If you'd like to discuss any customizations you'd like if it's not covered in our listing below, you can use our contact form here that's specially designated for custom requests.

We've also included a write-in option on this listing, so if your pronouns are not available we'll make them on a badge for you at no extra charge. No pronoun-gatekeeping here, your pronouns are personal to you and valid as heck.

Be loud and be proud, and express who you are!

These badges are all handmade with polymer clay, with pin back baked into the clay for added sturdiness with the product - and then are painted with the pronouns and details, then varnished to add a safe and secure layer on the product. They're suitable for jackets, bags, or whenever you want to display your lovely badges.

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