We'll be back soon!

Hey friends! West Queer Art is going on short hiatus, and our online store will be closing for the next while. Could be a few weeks, could be longer? I'm not quite sure how much time I need at the minute. Between chronic illness management, my personal life being in absolute chaos, and the fact that I'm back in college [art college, no less! It's very exciting!] - I simply don't have the time and focus for running a shop right now. I'm still being creative in other ways via college, personal expression, planning drag performances [AKA. Viktor Complex shows] - but the admin and promotion sides of a small business is not something I can commit to right now. There are too many demands on my life, and nowhere near enough spoons or time. I'm preparing all remaining orders to ship ASAP, so if you're still waiting for an order it should be with you very soon. We'll be back open once life and our timetable settles down once more. Check out our socials (@WestQueerArt on FB, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok) for up to date announcements on when we're ready to reopen. Our commissions are also going to be closed during this period, but I'll update this message if that changes. Stay safe, stay well, and take care. - Shar xxx

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